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January 11, 2018 3 min read 2 Comments

Often the best time we have are when mastering new skills and pushing the limits. Even though learning the basic Subwing techniques comes easy to most, there are countless tricks to challenge yourself on the Subwing. 
Check out these fun, thrilling and hilarious tricks you can attempt on your Subwing with your friends.

Barrel roll

The first and most basic trick that every Subwinger learns. This trick opens the horizon for many other Subwing tricks and makes you feel fully confident with the maneuvering of the Subwing. Simply point the wings in opposite directions to enable a roll. The more angle you apply on the wings, the faster you spin!

Girl performin barrel roll on a subwing subwing barrel roll in the water surface

Hanging by feet

Impressive trick that seems difficult to achieve except it’s actually not. Just place your feet in the rope handle and release your hands. Remember to tilt your feet upwards in order to hook on to the rope. Experienced Subwingers can even maneuver the Subwing and do barrel rolls while hanging from their feet!

Hanging by foot after Subwing Subwing trick haging after feet

Running on bottom

Fun trick that doesn’t require many attempts to master. The trick is to get close to the bottom before you start running. As you attempt to get up on your feet you will be pushed a little upwards by the water flowing over your body. If you’re not close enough to the bottom your feet won’t reach the bottom. Keep the wings tilted downwards as you are running to get the sufficient downwards thrust to keep you on the bottom.

girl running on bottom with subwing trick three people running on bottom subwing trick

Proximity flying

Maybe can’t be defined as a trick, but who doesn’t like flying close to the sand bottom, whirling up the sand behind you as you are some sort of a low flying jet fighter plane.

proximity flying subwing trick flying close to sand bootom with subwing

Green goblin

The name explains itself, grab the lines of the Subwing and stand on the wings like you were a villain in a Spiderman movie. If you are an expert at this, try to attempt a roll!

girl performing green goblin subwing trick Green gobling barrel roll on Subwing

Feet in the air

Greet spectators by waving your feet. Simply do a roll until you are upside down, then tilt the wings upwards while lifting your feet upwards out of the water. With some training, you will find the balance so your feet won’t fall to the sides.

feet out of water trick subwing upside down with feest in the air subwing trick

The plow

Surprise your fellow subwingers with this hilarious trick which is guaranteed to bring out a laugh if they haven’t seen it.
I wouldn’t attempt this trick on other than a fine sand bottom and the reason goes without saying.

the plow subwing trick subwing trick the plow

Surfing on another Subwinger

Use your friend as a human underwater surfboard by standing on his back or shoulders.

standing on shoulder subwing trick Sittin on back of subwinger trick

The Swing

Get comfortable by sitting down on the Subwing while holding the lines.

the swing trick


Tandem tricks

If you want to ride multiple people on the Subwing there loads of tricks you can do, here are a few. All tandem tricks require a lot of cooperation, be sure you agree on a signal for when you want to return to the surface.

Two or three on a wing

Grab a wing each and put your cooperation skills to the ultimate test.

Two girls on a subwing Subwing tandem barrel roll

Human snake

How long can you make the snake?

human snake trick girls human snake subwing


Grab your friend’s feet and go running on the bottom.

wheel barrow trick

Sharing a passenger

If you are multiple Subwingers in the water simultaneously you can attempt all kinds of tricks with an extra passenger.

two subwingers with one passsanger hanging on sharing subwing three people


Be creative on your Subwing

Personally, the best time I have had on my Subwing has been while inventing and attempting new tricks with friends. We’ve spent hours laughing our asses of while testing out hilarious ideas that sometimes didn’t quite work out the way we thought. I would recommend anyone to get their hands on two sets of Subwings as its nothing quite like sharing an amazing and fun experience with a friend.

subwing banner

Safety note
Be careful when attempting new tricks so you don’t get stuck in the lines. To avoid this, never wrap any parts of your body into the lines or rope.

Some of the images used in this post are from Be Fun Cancunand Wingdiving Isla Mujeres. Check them out for the best Subwing experiences in Mexico!

What is your favorite Subwing trick? Did we forget any? Let us know in the comments below. 

Simon Sivertsen
Simon Sivertsen

2 Responses

Meghan L
Meghan L

August 27, 2019

I love the Feet In The Air trick!

I thought underwater handstands were fun, then I tried that! What a rush!


January 29, 2019

Hello I bouth a subwing with the idea to use it with a scuba sistem but reading the owner manual you don’t recommend this….why?
Thanks for your information
The product is very nice

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