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Frequently asked questions

How do you breathe?
Breathing is done on the surface, you can return to the surface to breathe whenever you’d like.

What speed is recommended?
2-4 knots is the optimum speed, it might not sound fast, but under water it’s a thrill!

Is the Subwing safe?
As in every sport, there is always risk of injury if the product is not used correctly. Please read the User & Safety manual fully to minimize the risk of an accident.

How does one equalize ear pressure?
The rear rope grip is designed so the subwing can be operated by one hand. Use this grip when pressure equalization is necessary.

How deep is it possible to dive?
The depth is limited by the rope length and your breath holding capabilities, but depths about 10 meters is achievable with some training. Take in account that with deeper depths, the risk of drowning considerably increases. Never attempt a deep dive without proper experience and confidence with the subwing.

I can't find the Carbon or Fiberglass Subwing
We have stopped producing the Carbon and Fiberglass Subwing. If you still want to order one of these, we are selling out the rest on ebay and Amazon.

Can I tow a subwing behind a jetski?
Yes, nearly all watercrafts with an engine can tow the Subwing. Take extra precautions when towing with a watercraft powered by a powerful engine.

Where can I buy a Subwing?
You can buy directly from our website, we ship worldwide to every corner of the globe. We also have numerous dealers around the world, check out the “Subwing locator” to see if there is a Subwing retailer near you.
Our products are also available at 7 Amazon marketplaces.

Do you ship to my country?
We ship with DHL Express to nearly every corner of the world.

Do I have to pay additional customs duties and taxes for my order?
If you order from the US, then no. In European countries and the rest of the world custom duties and taxes may apply when your order arrives in your country.
If you order from one of Amazon's markertplaces all taxes are included in the product price.

My Subwing is broken, what do I do?
Contact us and we will find a solution to the issue. Also check out Subwing spare parts.

Is there a warranty?
Yes, the Subwing comes with a one year manufacturer guarantee. Read more about the warranty in the Subwing User Manual.

How do I become a Subwing dealer?
Contact us from here.

I don't find the answer to my question, what do I do?
Contact us by email and we will answer you as soon as possible. You can also reach us by pressing the facebook messenger symbol in the right corner.