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Subwing is a new and highly unique watersport, but the principle of towable watersports is as old as the motorboat itself. Today there is an abundance of different towable watersports to choose from. Let’s see how the Subwing differs from other watersports that are towed behind a boat.

Suitable boats

Normally, only high powered motorboats are able to deliver the great power needed to tow any kind of towable watersport. Some watersports even have special boats designed for that specific sport.

One of the things that make the Subwing unique is that it can be used with virtually any motorized watercraft regardless of engine size.

The boat only needs enough power to achieve a towing speed of about three knots. This means that the Subwing can be used with slow moving boats that normally aren’t able to tow and kind of towable watersports, such as sailboats or dinghies.

 Wakeboard boat small boat towing subwing
Left/top: Some watersports require powerful motorboats. Right/bottom: Subwing can be used with almost any motorized watercraft.


When looking at the price tag of the Subwing, you might think it’s about the same price as many other towable watersports, which is right. Nevertheless, when counting in the long term costs things get interesting.

As nearly every towable watersport require a relatively fast towing speed, fuel consumption is the real cost of towable watersports. Understandably, most people don’t think about this when deciding which towable watersport toy to purchase and only consider the initial price tag.

As the Subwing only requires a speed of about 3 knots, the fuel consumption is drastically reduced compared to other water sports. Based on what type of boat is used, sometimes even idling speed is sufficient. In addition, two people can be towed simultaneously, doubling both the fun and fuel efficiency.

When looking at the long term cost, it’s no doubt that the Subwing is one of the absolute best value for moneywhen it comes to towable watersports.
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Fun factor

While all towable watersports provide some sort of a thrilling and fun experience, Subwing can provide both a thrilling, fun and a calming experience at the same time! Yes you heard right.

While some might use the Subwing to perform fast and thrilling underwater maneuvers and acrobatics, others might enjoy exploring the marine life and underwater landscape at a calm pace. You don’t have to be a thrill seeker to appreciate the Subwing to its fullest.

The many ways to use the Subwing makes it one of the most versatile towable watersports out there.

Water sport bikini girl performing a barrel roll on the subwing boat watersport to persons Subwinging over corals
Left/top: Girl performing a barrel roll on the Subwing at Be Fun Cancun. Right/bottom: Subwing riders exploring a coral reef.

Water conditions

When most towable water sport can be used regardless of water clarity, the Subwing has its one disadvantage here. It goes without saying that in order to see anything under water you need a good visibility, as Subwing is a watersport designed for underwater fun, you need a decent visibility in order to enjoy and safely use the Subwing. Luckily, most places where towable watersports are enjoyed have a good water visibility.

Beginner friendliness

Wakeboarding and waterskiing can be an extremely fun activity, but most people usually need some trial and error before they are up standing on the board.

This can be considered as downtime as the real fun starts when one have mastered the technique of getting up on the board without falling. This time can be frustrating and requires a lot of accelerating, stopping and maneuvering of the boat.

On the other hand, the Subwing requires virtually no training and first-timers are often doing complex spins and tricks after just a few minutes.

The short learning curves means that little time is wasted and more time is spent on enjoying the watersport.

wakebaord fail girl running under water with subwing
Left/top: Mastering wakeboarding is not always an easy task. Right/bottom: A girl have a run at the sand bottom with Subwing at Be Fun Cancun.

Target audience

The slow, safe speed and ease of use makes the Subwing the perfect water activity for everyone.

As most towable watersports demands some sort of physical shape, the Subwing only requires the users to grip around the wings and hold their breath for some seconds.

This means that almost anyone can use the Subwing regardless of age and physique. We have had eight-year-olds, seventy-year-olds and even handicapped persons enjoy the Subwing with no problems.

Throw your son and grandma in the water and they will both have an equally great time.

seventy year old subwinging with wife  Father son and daughet subwinging
Left/top: 74-year-old Cliff doing barrel rolls with his wife. Right/bottom: Father, son(9) and daughter(11) Subwinging.
Pictures from Wingdiving Isla Mujeres

Boat passenger comfort

For passengers on the boat it can be amazing to watch a talented wakeboarder doing daring ticks or hilarious to watch your friends get soaked on an inflatable tube.

Unfortunately, Subwing is not a spectator sport, but instead of watching your friend have a great time while waiting for your turn, the boat passengers are able to relax and enjoy themselves on the boat without a roaring engine noise, wind and unsettling high speed maneuvers.

The comfort in the boat is kept at a maximum so everyone can enjoy themselves while towing one or more Subwingers.

Good time on boat with friends happy subwingers in boat


As every other towable water sport, the Subwing involves a calculated risk. With high speed watersports you risk injuries from crashing into objects and falling unfortunate ways which can result in serious injuries.

This is not a problem with the Subwing as the speed is very slow, which means crashing into an object is firstly very unlikely and secondly wouldn’t most likely harm you if it were to happen.

Many thinks it’s scary that you can’t see the person underwater while towing the Subwing, but if someone were to suddenly pass out underwater for some reason, the designated spotter in the boat would most likely notice it before I would be too late.

If you look at the drowning aspect, it’s reasonable to think that it’s more dangerous to hold your breath in your backyard pool when no one is watching, than to Subwing.

When it comes to boat traffic, you are never supposed to perform any kind of watersport while there are moving boats nearby.


While there are many great towable watersports to enjoy on a summer’s day, the Subwing might be one of the most versatile and affordable towable watersports out there.

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