January 30, 2018 2 min read

Let’s get one thing straight, anyone with a remote interest for the ocean can admit having a dream of swimming with dolphins. There is something about these playful mammals with their seemingly happy faces that seems to intrigue our curiousness.

In a time where we often hear about the troublesome conditions of marine mammals in captivity, what doesn’t make you happier than seeing the wild dolphin Jojo playing and interacting with humans in the wild?

Jojo is an Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin that since the 1980s has been a famous resident of the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean. Wake to Wake Watersports are lucky to often have Jojo join their tailored charters and loves hang out or surf in their boat’s wake.

Now it appears that Jojo has found a new favorite activity. One of the activities Wake to Wake offers is the Subwing, a new underwater sport still being discovered by many.

Subwinging is practically the nearest thing you come to experiencing the ocean from a dolphins perspective, as it makes you effortlessly glide through the water and perform thrilling acrobatics. It’s the perfect tool for interacting with dolphins in their natural environment and it seems like Jojo agrees.


As seen in the video Jojo and other dolphins immediately swim over to the Subwing rider and join the fun. It’s extraordinary to see how close the dolphins come to the person, it almost appears like there is some sort of mutual connection when both Jojo and the person curiously look at each other.

See the amazing footage in the video below.

One thing’s for sure. This immediately got on the top of my bucket list!
Would you dare to try Subwinging with dolphins? Let us know in the comments below!

Want to see more of Jojo? Watch Wake to Wake Watersports' video of Jojo surfing in the wake of their boat below.

Subwing donates 1% of their income to marine life preservation programs.
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Simon Sivertsen
Simon Sivertsen

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