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Subwing filming tips & tricks

October 17, 2018 4 min read 6 Comments

Subwing filming tips & tricks

Capturing great footage of yourself on your Subwing can be a little more of a challenge than with other sports as all of the action happens under water. Here are some of the filming techniques we apply in order to get the best underwater shots of the Subwing-action.


To begin with, you naturally need a camera that can be used under water. Luckily, small waterproof cameras have become very popular these days and are easy to get a hold of for a reasonable price. We prefer to use GoPro cameras ourselves, but any other small waterproof camera will be sufficient enough to capture amazing underwater footage of yourself on the Subwing. 


GoPro Mount

Our go-to solution to quick and easy capture all the action that happens under the water is the Subwing GoPro mount. During the development of the Subwing we needed a way to easily capture footage of the Subwing under water. We discovered that mounting a camera to the lines was the best solution for enabling steady close-up shots that would capture the entire Subwing and rider in the same frame. This solution worked so well that we made it into an accessory available for every Subwing-owner who wants to easily capture great footage of themselves on the Subwing.
A neat thing about the GoPro mount is that it’s not permanently fixed to the Subwing in any way, in contrast to sticky mounts that are designed to never come off. This makes it very practical as you can quickly switch between Subwings or put it away for when you’re not shooting.

Pro tip: When tightening the camera to the GoPro mount, mount the camera so it angles a little upward. This will enable you to capture the entire rider and removes some of the empty space in the bottom of the footage.

two persons subwinging gopro mount view  woman doing barrel roll on the subwing

Side view

If you are like us and like to tow multiple Subwingers behind the boat simultaneously, mounting the camera to a wing tip will make you able to capture super-cool side view shots of your friend. The only downside to this is that the Subwinger who acts as the cameraman will need to focus his attention on shooting the other person rather than just having fun.
Mount the camera to the wing with a regular sticky mount and be sure to clean the surface to achieve the best possible adhesion.
Also make sure you mount the sticky mount in a way that the camera will point perpendicular to the tow rope so you will get a perfectly sideways shot.

Pro tip: Use a swivel camera mount so you can make adjustments to the camera angle to be sure you always have your subject in the center of the shot.

subwinging next to coral head side view  multiple subwing riders close to sand bottom


Inward side view

If you already have mounted a sticky mount to the wing tip similar to in the tip above, you can face the camera inwards to enable a sleek close-up shot from the side. However, we will not recommend this camera angle to be your primary shooting angle as it can be a bit boring in the long run. We would rather recommend using this angle for spicing up your edit by including a few action shots from this angle throughout your film.

side view subwing


Head mount

Capture a POV-style shot by using a head mount. We strongly advice to use a floatation device and secure the head mount tightly to your head, as it can easily slip of your head while being towed through the water.

Pro tip: For GoPro users; for a larger field of view, be sure to use the “Superview” setting to compensate for the natural magnification of the image which happens when using a flat lens camera under water.

  Subwing on surface behind boat  rear handle diving on subwing



A way to get incredible footage, but definitely the most difficult and costly way is to use a drone. Even though you’re not able to film under water with a drone, some quite spectacular Subwing footage can be shot from the air. If your film location has a beautiful above-water scenery as well, this can also be incorporated into the scene for an even more spectacular shot.
Flying over water can be a little risky, but as consumer drones are getting more sophisticated and affordable with built in intelligent safety systems, there are usually no problems of flying over open water. We can recommend DJI drones as they are superior to any other consumer drones on the market today.

two riders behind boat drone   drone birds eye view subwing

Do you have other smart and cool ways of filming the Subwing in action? Which filming techniques are you using? Let us know!

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Simon Sivertsen
Simon Sivertsen

6 Responses


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