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If to start enumerating all the water sports existing today, it will be a long list, including any water sports activity from swimming to diving. A number of water sports like wakeboarding, knee boarding or Subwinging require a motorized water craft like a boat or a jet ski. Water sports like diving require some special equipment as well. If you are looking for some water sports to get into, several factors should be considered. For any of the water sports available, first and furthermost, one should possess good swimming skills and an ability to stay afloat on the water surface. Riding a Subwing will require the rider to be able to hold breath for short periods of time.


Here we suggest a brief overview of the water sports most popular nowadays.


Subwing is a revolutionary water sport, designed and invented by a teenager from Norway on a sailing trip with his father. Subwing is one of the diving water sports. Subwing is definitely on the list of the most unique water sports, allowing you both to dive and to enjoy a ride on the water surface. To operate a Subwing, one will require a boat or a jet ski. One of the best features of this water sport is, that you do not need a powerful water craft to enjoy a thrilling Subwing ride. The safety required towing speed is 2-4 knots, which seems to be quite slow if you are above the water surface, but for the rider, it is a perfect speed to dive, resurface, enjoy the marine wildlife views and at the same time, having enough time to react in case something suddenly comes up in the way.


Subwing is one of the board water sports, a boat accessory and a towable. It consists of two separate wings, allowing the rider to have the maximum of control – diving, resurfacing, spinning and turning as well as moving up and down. Subwing comes in several versions and designs. The Honeycombversion is produced from ABS plastic and is suitable for beginners. Carbon fiber and Fiberglass models allow a bit faster dives and will cost you a bit more, due to the material they are manufactured from.


Some of the water sports require background skills and knowledge, when anyone can get a hand of Subwing within a couple of minutes. To enjoy a Subwing ride, one should be a good swimmer and be strong enough to hold on to the wings.


Subwing was developed as a recreational product, which also found its use in marine life preservation activities as well as search and rescue procedures.


Subwing is one of the revolutionary water sports, bringing us closer to the ocean, enhancing our abilities underwater. With this water sports activity, you can dive as a dolphin, do thrilling spins and turns, or just relax on the water surface skipping on the water.


Competitive swimming

Swimming is one of the water sports enjoyable for most of the planet’s population. What can be better, than submerging your body into the warm deep blue ocean, relaxing your muscles, and giving the whole-body weight to the water? Swimming is not only a water sports activity, but a restorative procedure, used for stress and muscular pain relief and a meditation technique. Competitive swimming is one of the most popular water sports. Children start practicing swimming already at kinder garden and primary school, learning the swimming techniques and tackling the fear of water. Swimming has been a sport at every modern summer Olympics, after being officially included into the Olympics’ program in 1896. This water sport became available for women to compete in 1912.


Snorkeling cannot really fit into the water sports list, it is not a competitive sport, but an outstanding water activity, when it comes to swimming and enjoying the marine wildlife. It is a fun and affordable activity, compared to other water sports, a mask and a snorkel won’t hurt your pocket and are easy-to-store. You do not need any extra skills or water sports experience, besides swimming to fully enjoy this activity. Snorkeling is an affordable alternative for diving, you do not need to get any expensive equipment or get a certification, when still enjoying the beauties of the marine life. Snorkeling is available worldwide, just choose a place with clear water above a coral reef or a sunken boat and you are bound to see some wildlife.


Surfing definitely makes the list of most exciting and popular water sports! It is one of the most demanding as well, in terms of mastering the technique of standing up, steering and doing tricks. It will take you some time to learn how to stand on a surf board, for some it might be easier than for others, depending on your balancing skills. Surfing fits into the group of water sports, which require quite a bit of practice before this activity becomes enjoyable. People, who are into board sports like snowboarding or wake surfing, will definitely have a learning advantage, compared to those, who never tried any of the board water sports before. Surf boards come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials from plastic and foam to carbon fiber, you name it. Mastering surfing can be challenging, but all your efforts will pay off once you learn how to surf properly, you will get hooked on this water sport once and for all. Luckily, there are plenty of places you can engage into this water sport from Hawaii and Florida in US to Caribbean and Australia. All you need is a suitable beach with long waves, a sheltered lagoon, or an open area of water, not sheltered by a coral reef, generating bigger waves for advanced surfers.


Flyboard is one of the newest water sports. Invented and developed in 2012 by a Frenchman, Flyboard has gained tremendous popularity throughout the years. Flyboard is designed to allow the riders to hover above the water surface and be stable in the air. This water toy will be close to the top of the list of the expensive water sports. Flyboard operates with a help of a motorized water craft, like a small boat or a jet ski. The water craft is following the rider’s path, when the rider gets some freedom for moving from side to side or, if desired, diving into the water and resurfacing. Today, several Flybard water sports competitions are held annually around the world.


It goes without saying, that the water sports world hosts a number of other amazing water sports activities like wakeboarding, water skiing, kiting, wake surfing, water polo, to name a few. Any of these water sportsis a unique and exciting activity, appealing to some and being completely unfamiliar for others. In any case, while choosing among exiting water sports, it can be a good idea just to try several out, before committing to one in particular. Do not rush into buying a wakeboard or a flyboard, which can significantly hit your pocket – just give it a try first, to make sure that it is something you would like to commit your time and money to.


Doing any kind of water sports requires not only skills, but environmental awareness as well. If you are going wakeboarding or boating, check the area regulations, some of the water areas can have restricted access due to the potential harm for the marine environment.