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What towables should be included into your boat toy package?

Towables always bring some extra spice into your boating trip. With the extensive choice of towables existing on the market, you will always be able to find perfect towables appealing to your taste.


There are a great number various towables to choose from, like inflatable tubes and Subwing. To use towables, a motorized water craft is required. Depending on the towable type, a more or less powerful engine is recommended. When it comes to the inflatable tubes and wakeboards, the boat should go quite fast for a thrilling ride. Subwing is one of the rare towables, which do not require a powerful boat. In fact, the safety recommended speed should not exceed 2-3 knots. For the boat driver, this speed will seem slow, while the Subwing rider will enjoy a thrilling underwater flight having enough time to react if something comes in the way.


Towables, like a pair of water skis or a wakeboard, would require quite a bit of practice before you can master them and enjoy the experience in full.


Wakeboarding. Wakeboards are surface towables, involving riding a board over the water body surface. A wakeboard is a small, thin board with bindings mounted to it. These towables were developed from a combination of surfing, water skiing and snowboarding techniques. A wakeboard rider is towed by a boat at a speed around 35 km/h. The towing speed depends on a number of factors, like the weight of the rider, size of the board, how powerful the boat engine is and, most importantly, the rider’s comfort. There are a number of other means one can enjoy wakeboarding, like closed-course cable system, winches, jet ski or a personal water craft. Water skiing. Water skis are another type of surface towables, highly popular around the world. It is a water sport in which an individual is pulled behind a motorized water craft or a cable ski installation, skimming the water surface on two skis or one ski. This activity requires a quite stretched area of water, one or a couple of skis and three people: a boat driver, a rider and a spotter. To use these towables, one will need some background knowledge and skills, like good strength of the body, ability to balance and great muscular endurance. Water skiing is a fun leisure time activity, suitable for all ages and levels to enjoy.


Throughout the years these towables gained popularity, and several competitions and championships have been established all around the world. In USA alone, there are around 11 million water skiers and over 900 registered water ski competitions every year.


Subwing Subwing is a revolutionary and a newly invented towable and a water sport. Subwing towables offer an adrenaline rush and an opportunity to enjoy the beauties of the ocean. These towables come in three models with a choice of several graphical designs. The Honeycomb version is manufactured from ABS plastic and is perfectly suitable for beginners. Carbon fiber and Fiberglass models allow a bit faster dives and will cost you a bit more due to the material they are manufactured from. Subwing is a unique activity. To enjoy it, you do not have to have any background skills, besides holding your breath for short periods of time - from a couple seconds for a beginner, to several minutes for an experienced free diver. Subwing is easily controlled and anyone can get a hold of it in minutes. Subwing towables were designed for recreational use, but are extremely useful for marine life research activities and rescue procedures.


These towables bring us closer to understanding the oceans. Life was born in the ocean, when you ride a Subwing, you return back to mother nature, in a way. Riding a Subwing is a meditation practice of its sort, it calms you down, you observe the marine life in silence, taking a deep breath when you resurface and slowly start to descend once you are ready. The boat is going at 2-4 knots, which is slow, but it feels just right under the water. Using these towables brings you to peace, you are controlling your breath, listening to your body and observing.


Luckily for boating and towables lovers, ocean covers the majority of our planet, there is a great number of rivers, lakes and artificial water reserves, providing an opportunity to experience fun boat towables and boating accessories. While building up your boat toy package, choosetowables carefully, selecting those, most suitable for your physical abilities and tastes. Spending a lot of your free time on water with family? Select child and beginner-friendly towables. Have fun and be safe on water!