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Conquering the World!

The Wall Street Journal

Getting the hang of the Subwing is easier (and more pleasant) than it sounds.

The Sunday Times

If you've done snorkelling and diving, try a subwing: its inventor describes it as "flying underwater".


Subwing: the new sport sweeping Europe that let’s you swim like a dolphin. A new underwater sport is sweeping Europe this summer..

Mail Online

Now you can UNDERwaterski: Hand-held fin lets you glide and perform acrobatics like a dolphin (but you'll need hold your breath!)

The Huffington Post

A young Norwegian chap claims of have invented an entirely new form of water sport - a 'Subwing' that lets you 'fly' underwater. Simon Sivertsen, 20, came up with the idea when exploring the crystal- ...

Insignia Luxury Boutique

By Tyler Black On 10 Jul 2013With summer in full swing and everyone flocking to the beach, we wanted to showcase some of the more creative and unconventional water toys out there. Wave good bye to you ...

The Awesomer

Underwater Madness!! Like waterskis for underwater, the fiberglass Subwing lets you “fly” beneath the waves as you’re towed along by a boat on the surface. Just put on your mask, hold your breath, an ...

SUBWING® curious facts

  • The Subwing was invented on a sailboat in the Mediterranean Sea by an 18-year-old Norwegian teenager Simon Sivertsen in the summer of 2010.
  • Subwing company was founded in the spring of 2011 by father-son team Simon and Kjetil Sivertsen.
  • Subwing headquarters are located in Kristiansand/Norway.
  • Pulled behind a motorized boat, the Subwing consists of two connected ‘wings’, which allow the user to glide through the water like a dolphin, above or below the water surface.
  • Almost any motorized watercraft can tow the Subwing. The speed required is just 2-4 knots, allowing even sailboats or small motorized boats and jet skis to tow the Subwing.
  • As SUBWING products are closely connected to water and marine environment, SUBWING takes part in marine life conservation programs. SUBWING policy is to spread the awareness of the marine ecosystem and coral reefs protection.
  • Subwing is designed so it can be easily dismantled in the mid-mount and stored in a custom Subwing bag.
  • Subwing is available in three different versions: Honeycomb, manufactured from ABS polymer plastic, a Fiberglass version and a Carbon fiber version.
  • A diving mask is the only additional equipment needed to ride the Subwing. Using a snorkel is optional, but in case of usage, it is recommended to use a smaller version to reduce the water force pulling on the snorkel.
  • Subwing can be used by any watersport enthusiast, from those who take deep dives to those who are most comfortable riding on the surface taking short, shallow dives.
  • A beginner will usually only be underwater for about 10-15 seconds and will dive down to about 3 meters (10 feet) in depth. When one receives more training and can use the rear grip to equalize the ears, you can dive longer and deeper.
  • Subwing is designed so that a Subwing rider can easily keep the head well above the water line for breathing or communicating when lying in the surface position.
  • Normal speed when operating the SUBWING is 2-4 knots, you can go faster, but it is not recommended as the pressure on the neck from the water resistance will be noticeable. 
  • When using a wetsuit in colder water, it is a good idea to place the collar of the hood on the outside of the suit to prevent the wetsuit from filling with water through the neck area. 
  • SUBWING has several patents and is a registered trademark.

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