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Water toys? No, we are not going to speak about rubber beach balls and cute yellow bathtub ducks, but will dive into the ocean of variety of water toys, existing to enjoy a good beach trip or a boating voyage with friends and family. Water sports are evolving and changing every year. Some new water toys appear and some get further developed and changed. Numerous water toys are used to make your boating or water activity experience both fun and memorable. Let’s have a look at the most popular and exciting water toys available on the market. When choosing water toys, you should identify main desirable characteristics and personal preferences. Do you like boating or are you into surfing and diving? Do you prefer to be above the water or diving while using water toys? Here are a couple of water toys, which can appeal to almost any taste.


Subwing is a revolutionary and a newly invented water toy, a boating accessory and a towable, invented by a teenager from Norway, it is taking the world by storm. It is one of the most unique water toys, which allows a rider to dive and resurface at any time, being towed by a motorized water craft.


One of the best features of Subwing is, that it does not require any highspeed powerful boat, as the recommended towing speed is 2-3 knots. The speed gives the rider an opportunity to observe the beauties of the ocean and at the same time to have enough of a reaction time frame, in case something comes up in the way. Subwing offers an awesome adrenaline rush and the chance to spot incredible wildlife. The wings come in several models and designs. The Honeycomb version is manufactured from ABS plastic and is perfectly suitable for beginners. Carbon fiber and Fiberglass versions allow a bit faster dives and will cost you a bit more, due to the material they are manufactured from. Subwing is a water sport that revolutionizes and changes completely the way we experience the ocean. It is a board sport like wakeboarding or bodyboarding, but taking you under water, you have full control of these water toys, choosing yourself how deep you dive. Any ocean lover or watersport enthusiast will be thrilled by the unforgettable experience, gliding through the water like a dolphin, diving and resurfacing at any time needed or just skipping along the water surface. Subwing is one of its kind, unique activity.


To enjoy it, you do not have to have any background skills, besides holding your breath for short periods of time- from a couple seconds for a beginner, to several minutes for an experience free diver. Subwing is easily controlled and anyone can get a hand of it in minutes. Subwing is a recreational product, which can also be used for the marine life research activates or rescue procedures. As the product is closely connected to water and marine environment, Subwing’s policy is to spread the awareness of the marine ecosystem and coral reefs protection. By purchasing these water toys, not only will you be enjoying the excitement of the underwater flight, but also giving your input into the marine ecosystem preservation and protection. 1% of the price you pay for your Subwing is donated for marine ecosystem protection, restoration and preservation programs. You learn how to subwing in several minutes, once you try it out, you quickly get a handof it and you will for sure get addicted. Deep dives are thrilling, but short shallow dives are a lot of fun, too. Once you get good, you can start doing some fun tricks like spinning and turning, or walking on the ocean floor. Two riders can hold onto the same Subwing as well, or several riders can subwing in a line, holding each other by the feet. These water toys give you freedom to experiment and come up with new tricks and moves. Subwing brings us closer to the ocean, you really start feeling the bond to this magnificent and mysterious entity. Life was born in the ocean, when you ride a Subwing, you return back to mother nature, in a way.


Riding a Subwing calms you down, you observe the marine life in silence, taking a deep breath when you resurface and slowly start to descend once you are ready. it is a kind of meditation of its sort, you are in control of your breath, like in any yogic breathing technique. The boat is going at 2-4 knots, which is really slow, but it feels just right under the water. Subwinging brings you to peace, you have to listen to your body and observe. Luckily for Subwing lovers and water sport enthusiasts, ocean does cover the majority of our planet. There are numerous amazing places you can subwing at, for example Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Philippines, Haiti - you name it. Of course, it is nice to see some marine life on your Subwing trip, but gliding above the sand floor, or skipping above the water surface is as enjoyable. While using these water toys, be aware of the marine life and coral reefs in the area, try not to touch or bother any of the sea creatures, just enjoy and observe. Technology is not standing still. Let’s have a look at recently developed high-tech water toys.

Jet ski

Jet ski brings you the thrill of speed and maneuverability. This water toy for adults is perfectly suitable for adventure and adrenaline lovers. Jet ski usually comes with a powerful motor engine, giving you an opportunity to zoom through the water at high speeds. Quite powerful, but easy to steer, jest ski can be used with a number of other water toys, such as inflatable tubes or a Subwing. Do not forget to check where you are allowed to use a jet ski, as in some areas it can be dangerous due to shallow waters and seafloor terrain. Some of the ocean territories are protected due to marine life preservation, use of any types of motorized water crafts can be prohibited in such areas. Plenty of resorts and beach rental places offer to rent jet skis, you also get some guidance and advice on where you can go and have a speed ride.


Snorkeling is a fun and affordable activity, compared to other water toys, a set of a snorkel and a mask does not need much space to store, is very user-friendly, and what is more, you can get a hand of it within several minutes without any previous experience, besides swimming, of course. If you do not have an opportunity to become a certified diver, but you are still eager to explore the underwater world, snorkeling is the next best thing. There is no heavy equipment required, all you need is a snorkel tube and a mask. Snorkeling is a shallow water activity, but if you stumble upon a reef, you are bound to enjoy the beauties of the marine life! Snorkeling is available worldwide, whatever place you choose to go for your beach summer vacation from Asia and Australia to North America and Caribbean, warm crystal clear waters will tempt you to swim and dive and enjoy the serenity of the ocean.


A surf board is one of the world most well-known water toys existing. Surfing is not just picking up a board and running into the sea. Learning the art of riding a wave can be tough, as it requires the rider to have good balancing skills and at the same time being able to steer the board while riding a wave. Surf boards come in various sizes and materials from plastic to wood and carbon fiber. Once you learn how to use these water toys, you’ll get addicted to the thrilling sensation of conquering the wave. Dreaming about surfing? There are plenty of opportunities available from surfing weekend workshops to several weeks long surfing camps for beginners. Taking a vacation on the sea? Just take a couple-hour lesson with a professional surfer and rent a surf board to practice on your own, after mastering the technique of getting up on the board. Be prepared to practice ‘dry’ on sand first, following the instructions of the experienced surfer. Surf board is a popular water toy, however there are several locations which are particularly suitable for surfing. No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced surfer, Hawaii offer you great lagoon beaches with smaller and longer waves as well as unsheltered water stretches allowing for taller waves formation, suitable for more extreme and adventurous surfing. Australia with its warm and sunny weather all-year-round, will be a perfect choice to take up surfing. Although it is an amazing surfing place, be aware of coral reefs, marine life and sharks, it will be a good idea to do some research, before rushing into the water with a surf board. Surfing is a sport, that requires a lot of patience. Once you start, do not give up and keep trying. Even when you become a good surfer, you will have to be patient to paddle to a good-depth spot and then waiting for a ‘right’ wave to come. Keep patience!


Flyboard is one of the coolest water toys you can find on the market! Invented by a Frenchman in 2012 Flyboard has gained its popularity over the years. These water toys are designed to allow the rider to climb out of the water and be stable in the air. You definitely will get a feeling of flying. Flyboard operates with the help of a personal motorized water craft, and is designed so that the water craft follows the rider’s path, allowing the rider some degree of freedom to move from side to side or dive if desired. Today there are numerous flyboarding competitions held around the world, 2012 Championship held in Qatar being the first. Riding a Flyboard is not an easy task for beginners, once you gain some experience try doing some tricks like a dolphin-dive or a backflip. Flyboard sounds like an amazing water toy, but it is quite pricy after all. If you are not committed to a substantial investment and a long-term training mastering the Flyboard, there are a number of other water toys to consider.

Scubapro mantis 2 dive computer.

This dive computer has been recently released, and is one of the first ones to use biometrics, giving accurate readings based on the wearer’s health and diving conditions. This wrist computer fits perfectly on your hand and does not take much space. These technological water toys are also suitable for diving beginners and will see you through your scuba life. The smart wireless technology uses a heartrate monitor to detect how much gas you have left at each depth by measuring breathing rate, depth and skin temperature. If you’re an enthusiastic diver, you will absolutely love this gadget and it’s well worth the investment.

GoPro Hero 5

Are you going diving, Subwinging, surfing or doing any other water sport or playing around with other water toys? Are you an active Social Media enthusiast, posting photos and videos of every fun activity you are into? Then this camera is a must-have for you! If you haven’t yet tried out the GoPro range of waterproof video cameras, where have you been?! These tiny water toys gadgets are perfect for capturing your underwater adventures. The latest model, Hero 5, boasts amazing 4K video quality and is the recommended camera for divers and subwingers. You can choose from loads of accessories and mounts, which allow the camera to capture great films underwater, including floating mounts and blue water dive filters. The camera itself is waterproof to 33 feet (10 metres) but you can also buy housing to allow the camera go deeper. We reccomend to attach a Subwing GoPro mount to your Subwing to capture your underwater experienc. Whatever you film underwater, you can now share it on any Social media online at the touch of a button. As you can see, there are loads of water toys out there for you to choose from. No matter how experienced you are or how advanced your skills are, there will always be a right water activity to appeal both to your tastes and skills. Do not want to spend too much time and money taking up a new water sport? Try out Subwing, or an inflatable towable, or a small pontoon slide - a lot of fun for a reasonable price. If you are an experienced water toys enthusiast – go for a wakeboard, a surfboard, or a more advanced Carbon Fiber Subwing, these water toys will cost you a bit more, but will be well worth it, once you master them.

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