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Some questions & answers about the Subwing you might find useful.

How does one equalize ear pressure?

The rear rope grip is designed so the subwing can be operated by one hand. Use this grip when pressure equalization is necessary.

How deep is it possible to dive?

The depth is limited by the rope length and one’s breath holding capabilities, but depths about 10 meters is achievable with some training. Take in account that the deeper you are diving, the more risk you are taking. Never attempt a deep dive without proper experience and confidence with the subwing.

Can I tow a subwing behind a jetski?

Yes, nearly all watercrafts with an engine can tow the Subwing. Take extra precautions when towing with a watercraft powered by a big engine.

Where can I buy a Subwing?

You can buy directly from our website; we ship worldwide to every corner of the world. We also have numerous dealers around the world, check out the “Subwing locator” to see if there is a Subwing retailer near you.

What is the difference between the carbon and fiberglass version?

The overall structural designs of the two versions are the same, but the carbon fiber provides better characteristics when it comes to handling, weight and strength.

What is the difference between the fiber versions and Honeycomb version?

The Subwing Honeycomb has a different design and is slightly smaller compared to the other versions. Rather than a fiber composite solution the Honeycomb is made of ABS polymer which is known for its great durability and strength characteristics. To achieve minimal weight together with highest possible strength, the wings are constructed with hollow internal chambers enforced with walls arranged in a honeycomb pattern. As the surface area of the Honeycomb wings is smaller than the fiber version, deep dives are more difficult to achieve, but the handling is more responsive as the smaller wings are easier to turn.

What is the weight and dimensions of the box it comes in?

Carbon fiber and Fiberglass: 700x365x90mm. 3750 grams Honeycomb: 610x350x80mm. 3100 grams

How to replace the ropes using the Subwing tool?

Each of the four metal rope connectors consists of two parts, one top part and one plug underneath which is screwed onto the other part. To remove the rope connector from the board, use the tool that fits into the three holes in the plug underneath the wing. Hold the upper part of the rope connector with the other. Screw the tool counterclockwise to unscrew the parts. You may need to insert a screw driver or similar into the hole of the tool to produce enough torque to loosen the parts from each other. When the parts are completely unscrewed the rope connector can be removed from the board. Do the opposite when installing the spare ropes. Note that the ropes are in different lengths, the two longest ropes go in the holes furthest out on the wing and the two short ones go in the holes closest to the center.

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