Underwater light 450 lumens

The Bigblue FF1x5P - AFO gives a 450 Lumens light output, making it possible to use the Subwing to explore at nighttime. The light beam is 44 degrees with a very even light pattern without any hotspot.

Underwater light 450 lumens
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The Bigblue FF1x5P-AFO has a unique streamlined design that provides minimum drag when connected to the Subwing. The FF1x5P-AFO uses a standard 25 mm ball joint to connect to the Subwing or other equipment. The ball joint makes it easy to adjust the light beam for a perfect angle. The light comes with both a handle and a ball joint.


The Bigblue AFO - innovative Auto-Flash-OFF function. It gives you better control over lighting by turning off the light for one second when your strobe flashes. This allows your strobe (when triggered) to illuminate your subject, and prevents the spot light from spoiling your perfect photos!


Note : To be able to connect the light you must have the newest version of the Subwing. To find out if you have the newest version, simply check if your Subwing has metal plugs on the backside of the rope connections. A ball clamp and ball joint are required to connect the light to the Subwing.


Note: The subwing light system should only be used in exceptionally clear waters. Take into account that using the Subwing in low light conditions considerably increases the risk of an accident.

Product Specifications - FF1X5P (AFO)

  • Light Source : Cree LED
  • Light Output : 450 lumens
  • Casing Material : Aluminum alloy, anti-corrosive anodized
  • Power Source : 4AA batteries (Alkaline 1.5V or Ni-MH 1.2V rechargeable)
  • Angle Of Light Beam : 53 degrees
  • Safety Designs : Double o-ring seal, thermal protection system
  • Color Temperature : 6500K
  • Available Colors : Black
  • Burn Time : Up to 4 hours at 450 lumens
  • Maximum Depth : 100m tested
  • Size : D 56mm x L 206mm
  • Grip : Lantern gip and one inch standard ball joint included
  • Weight : Weight in air 508g (including batteries)
  • Bouyancy : In Seawater -175g (including batteries)
  • Switching System : Rotary magnetic switch system
  • Transportation Lock : Sliding lock
  • Front Glass : Tempered optical glass
  • Lanyard : Included
  • Lantern Handles : Aluminum lantern handle included


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