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Aqualung Sphera Mask

The Aqualung Sphera is very popular among free divers and the ideal diving mask to be used with the Subwing.

The Sphera mask has an ultra-low profile that features the best of qualities from dive and swim masks to provide perfect vision under water. The frame and lenses are designed to provide you with a perfect 180 degrees visibility range while the sleek frame and buckles reduces drag in the water. 

When gliding through the water on the Subwing, the streamlined design of the Sphera Mask greatly reduces the risk of the mask coming loose and at the same time preventing it from pressing uncomfortably against the face.

The Aqualung Sphera is considered to be among the best of freediving masks on the market.

    1. Lightweight diving mask with Plexisol® lens with a excellent 180 degree peripheral vision without distortion.

    2. High-quality crystal silicone skirt for excellent sealing.

    3. Easy-Adjust silicone mask strap, micro-adjustment for perfect fit.

    4. Soft Clip comfortable and easy-adjust quick Snap.

    5. Special Ultra Light Frame.

    6. Low Inner Volume.

Arctic White
Clear Blue

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