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5 Ways to Have Fun in the Ocean

The ocean is a wonderland for exploring, so when you’re lucky enough to be by the sea you should fit in as many fun activities as possible. There are so many ways the sea can entertain us, but everybody is different so adrenaline activities won’t be the perfect choice for everyone.  Whether you were born a water baby or you’re a water sport novice, there is so much the ocean has to offer. Take a look at our top five ways to have fun in the sea.

  1. Stand up paddle board

If your idea of enjoying the water is by relaxing in it, then this ocean activity is perfect. All you need is a small paddle board and a paddle, and you’re away! You can start from the shore and paddle out or keep it on your boat for when you see the perfect calm waters. Once your arms get tired of padding you can even have a lie down on the board and catch some sun rays…

Image of Paddle Board

  1. Subwing

A lot of fun sea activities take place on top of the water, but there’s lots of fun to be had underwater too. With a Subwing water toy you can fly underwater and feel like an actual sea creature! It’s the perfect combination of adrenaline and exploration.

  1. Windsurfing

Windsurfing is one of the most interesting water activities, because it is a cross between surfing and sailing. The board is powered across the water by the wind, which means it is a great sport for the open ocean. Once you’ve learnt the basics after a few lessons, you can improve your skill and learn impressive tricks to make it even more enjoyable.

Image of Windsurfing

  1. Flyboarding/Jet pack

One of the newest water activities to sweep across the world – and ridiculously fun activities – is flyboarding with a water jet pack. With an aquatic jet pack, you are propelled up to 10 metres high above the water, so you feel like a true superhero! One of the best features is that they can be installed on super yachts to be enjoyed all over the world.

  1. Water skiing

Enjoy the thrill of being propelled across the water at high speeds with water skis. This is a really fun activity for all ages, and even if it takes a while to find your balance on the water skis you’ll have fun falling off into the ocean!

What ocean activity do you think offers the highest fun factor? Let us know how you love to spend time at sea.

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