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The Subwing underwater light system gives you freedom to explore the ocean during the evening or nighttime.

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Build your own lighting package by adding the desired products or select one of the alternative packages below.

Build your own package by adding the items.

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A complete system for 2 wings consists of:

2 or 4x Underwater lights (450 lumen), 2x Ball joints clamps (Dual - for 1 light per wing / Triple - for 2 lights per wing), 2x Ball joints, 1x Subwing tool.

The Subwing underwater light system gives you freedom to explore the ocean during the evening or nighttime. The system consists of a number of different items which can be ordered in a package in addition to a Subwing. (Can we used with all the Subwing models, except for the Honeycomb version).


In order to install underwater lights on your Subwing you need the latest version of the Subwing, which has metal plugs on the backside of the rope connectors. A ball joint is installed under each wing to secure the lights to the board. Use the 25 mm clamp (double or triple) to clamp the flashlight to the ball joint. To mount the 25mm ball joint you will need the special Subwing tool, or we can mount the ball on the board for you if specified in the order.


Note: When the ball joints are mounted on the wings, the Subwing will not fit well in the Subwing bag. By using the triple clamp, you can combine flashlight with a camera or even more flashlights.

A complete system consists of:

  • 2x Underwater lights (450 lumen)
  • 2x Ball joints clamps (Dual Clamps)
  • 2x Ball joints
  • 1x Subwing tool
The system can also be combined with other products, like GoPro / ball mount, Tipple clamp, Extended rod with 25 mm ball on each side.


Precautions: Extreme precautions must be taken if using the Subwing in the dark. The risk of injury or death is considerably higher when using the Subwing at night time. Take in account that most of the visibility underwater is lost in the dark, even if lights are used. We recommend to always use the Subwing at daytime, only in high visibility water.




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