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Top Must-Have Accessories for Your Boat

If you love spending as much time as possible on your boat, then you need to know all about the latest boating accessories which can enhance the experience. Life on the water can be made much safer and even more fun with the help of a few accessories and pieces of equipment. With so many water activities to take part in it’s impossible to get bored on your vessel – take a look at some of these must-have accessories for the boating enthusiast.


First up we’ve rounded up some of the top safety features you can add to your boat to keep you and your guests safe and happy.

Tower Mirrors

Mirrors on the boat have a variety of functions, and installing tower mirrors helps the driver to have a complete view. Similar to driving a car, sometimes you’ll experience blind spots on the boat, so mirrors can assist in many ways. Tower mirrors are also useful if you’ll be taking part in water activities from the boat which need the boat in motion, such as wakeboarding or water-skiing. The driver of the boat can concentrate on driving forwards, while regularly checking on the skier in the mirrors.

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Tower Lights

Boast and yachts are not made to only be enjoyed by daylight! If you have tower lights, the party doesn’t have to be cut short by sunset. Whatever you’ll be using your boat for, from fishing to relaxing, tower lights will brighten up the boat on the water where it can be pitch black.

Spare Battery or Charger

It’s always a good idea to be prepared and keep a spare battery on your boat. Your precious vessel won’t seem that amazing when you’re stranded on it in the ocean! You could also use a battery charger.


Now for the fun accessories, including some of the latest toys and on board activities every boat should have.


Sailing along simply isn’t the same without an awesome soundtrack. Equip your boat with state of the art speakers so you can play your favourite party tunes and relaxing melodies for the perfect boating trip.


When it comes to luxury water toys, nothing comes close to the Subwing. Attach the subwing to the back of the boat and tow someone along underwater for a thrilling sensation. With the help of the wings, you can feel like a mermaid or dolphin by performing impressive spins and rolls.

Subwing Image

Water Trampoline

One for the kids (or adventurous adults!) Bring along a water trampoline to set up, to make jumping into the water even more fun. These inflatable water toys are easily compacted and can usually be set up in 15 minutes or under. Not to mention, they’ll keep the whole family entertained for an entire day!

A boating fanatic can never have too many accessories! There are so many to choose from, but this is our pick of the latest gadgets and water toys. Let us know what you never leave home without for a boating trip.

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  1. I love the water and grew up out on the ocean most of my life. I do not have my own boat, but I am going on a charter in a couple of weeks. I think it would be awesome to bring subwing along for the ride. I think my buddies and I would love it. It seems like we could really get a whole different view of the ocean that way.

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