How to Swim with Sea life in the Natural Environment

Lots of people dream about swimming with the incredible creatures of the sea, in particular majestic animals such as dolphins and whales. There are now many places in the world where you can have experiences with marine life, however the animals are often in captivity and trained to do tricks and pose for photographs. Even if these tourist attractions are kind to the animals, this kind of experience is nothing compared to viewing sea life in its natural environment. Is it possible to get up close and personal to wild mammals in the sea?

The answer is yes. If you know where to look for a pod of dolphins or follow whales on their migration path then it is possible to be able to swim with these magnificent sea creatures in their natural environment. Once you’ve found the wild animals, it’s time to decide how you will view them from the water.

If you don’t want to keep coming up to the surface to breathe, then you should consider scuba diving equipment. However don’t forget that dolphins and whales are mammals and stay close to the surface, and will also be coming up for air. Therefore, you don’t have to dive too deep to see these animals in action.

Image of Whales

You could use snorkel gear so you can see clearly underwater and have more control over your breathing. Dolphins are incredibly playful so you could end up swimming and playing right next to them!

Using a Subwing is the most effective way to swim with sea life in our opinion. Because it gives the sensation of flying underwater, you don’t just get to swim with the dolphins or whales – you actually feel like you’re one of them. Once you’ve mastered the Subwing you can do all sorts of acrobatics, allowing you to become a dolphin in the water! It’s also worth noting that you’ll be close to your boat at all times, and dolphins are known for chasing boats because of their playful nature.

When humans swim with dolphins in the wild, the only thing stopping them from spending more time with the pod is speed. Dolphins can move extremely fast in the water, whereas we can’t. With the help of a boat towing you along, you’ll be able to keep up with the pod for a lot longer, and be more playful with your underwater movements.

Subwing really allows you to enter the underwater world and become a part of it. Check out our videos of swimming with killer whales and subwinging with a school of tuna.

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