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Subwing and Devin SuperTramp crew work on the promo continues!

The next couple of days in Belize unexpectedly did not pamper us with too much of the sun, but we still managed to get some fantastic shots underwater. It seemed that the weather was against us.

We rented some diving gear at Scuba Steve, and our boat captain/diving master Horace took us to unbelievably beautiful spots with a lot of corals and marine life.


Diving Master Eugene from ‘Scuba Steve’ helped us to get equiped!

One of the places we were filming at was an old sunken barge, covered in corals! We felt really lucky, it was exactly what we were looking for!rsz_snapshot_-_8

Carter (Devin Super Tramp film crew) got under the water fully equipped with diving gear and was filming us from underneath.rsz_snapshot_-_5Carter, ready to get into the water!

rsz_snapshot_-_17Tyson catching the drone after filming 🙂

rsz_dsc_0781We got some company on our way, Tyson is filming a eagle ray with a GoPro camera.

The second part of the day promised to be sunny, we were cruising along the shore trying to find a perfect spot with a beautiful beach and some jungle. And there it was, lit by the sunlight with a jungle strip nearby.rsz_1dsc_0772We got out of the boat, Carter and Tyson took the equipment, we were all excited about the intro filming! The second we were at our perfect spot, the clouds started to block the sun, and out of the blue, it poured on us. Do you know how heavy the tropical rain can be? We were soaked through! The intro shoot was cancelled, we had only one filming day left… We called it a day hoping, that the weather would change.

We started at 6 30 in the morning next day, it was cloudy, but you could see the sun rays eagerly coming through the clouds, lighting the ocean here and there.


The whole team headed to our perfect beach spot! We got lucky! The sun came out just for a moment, when we needed it most!


rsz_snapshot_-_11Shooting Simon’s running scenes for the intro.

rsz_dsc_0832A close-up of the Subwing moving under Ksenia’s feet.

The intro was finally shot! We could all take a deep breath of relief.

In the afternoon we arranged some Subwing free rides! Under Simon’s thorough instructions people were trying the Subwing for the first time at the Belize Parasail dock on the beach.

rsz_dsc_0899Subwing free rides at the Belize Parasail dock.

It was a perfect conclusion for our hard-working week! Subwing received a lot of positive feedback, a lot of first Subwing-riders said, it turned out to be much easier than they were expecting.

You can see the result of the Subwing team and the Devin Super Tramp crew work here.

More posts are coming! Stay updated!

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