Five most facinating facts about dolphins

Amazing mammals with high intelligence level and ability to achieve unbelievable speed, gliding through the water – dolphins have drawn our attention for centuries.

Numerous studies and research work by marine biologists bring the answers for some questions only now. Here are 5 most facinating facts about dolphins according to Subwing.

  1. Dolphins have the longest memories among the animal world. Recent studies show that bottlenose dolphins can remember whistles of other dolphins they had lived with after 20 years of separation. Each dolphin has a unique whistle, functioning like a name., this allows the marine mammals to keep social bonds.


  1. Dolphins can shut a half of their brain at a time to rest and sleep. This gives them an opportunity to resurface for air and be alert for any dangers. What is even more surprising, unlike land mammals, which eat and breath through their mouth, dolphins have two separate holes for each task. They eat through their mouths and breath through their breath through their blowholes.
  1. There are over 30 different dolphin species. Most of them live in the oceans of the world and only 5 live in rivers. Lake Baikal in Russia is the only lake – habitat of fresh-water dolphins. It is the deepest lake in the world, holding about 20% of the world’s fresh surface water.


  1. These sleek swimmers can reach surprising speed of over 30 km/hour. This fact was a big mystery for scientists until recently. It’s been controversial for a while as it was believed that the animal does not have enough muscle mass to produce the power needed to swim at that speed. The recent research results show, that the dolphin’s tale is more than capable to produce enough thrust to push and speed the whole body up.

In comparison to dolphins, people are slow swimmers – the fastest athletes can go at a speed over 8 km/hour. Subwing gives you an opportunity to go faster under water, glide and dive like a dolphin. Of course, you will not achieve a speed even close to dolphin’s, but the sensation of an effortless water glide is well worth trying a Subwing.

  1. Dolphins can hear 10 times above human hearing range. Dolphins use a series of vocalizations, including clicks and whistles to echolocate their prey. They have sharp senses and eyesight to catch prey in the water.

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