Best ways to feel like you are flying

Trying to peruse the ability to fly, the humanity is coming up with new ‘flying’ inventions every year. Some of the ideas seem crazy, some take off and become available for everyone. We decided to show you 4 ways to fly, totally worth trying out.


Bungee Jumping gives you a thrilling sensation of a free-fall and a rebound. Today this activity is widely spread all over the world and is usually offered above picturesque canyons, mountain fierce rivers and lakes. You get all the equipment needed at a spot. Bungee jumping is a fun activity to tickle your senses for a relatively low fee.


Paragliding is as close as we can get to birds’ flight. Smooth gliding and easy steering makes it a very enjoyable activity. Picturesque scenery and hitting a thermal adds quite a bit of to the paragliding experience. Is it safe? Like any sport, take deep water diving or mountain skiing, paragliding is as safe as the person doing it.


Subwing is a relatively new watersport, which just started taking off around the world. Once you tried it, you will not be able to stop! Although you are using a Subwing underwater, it definitely gives you a sensation of a flight. What is more, you do not require any background knowledge or skills (besides holding your breath for a short period of time – even a couple seconds is enough for a brief dive). Gliding effortlessly through the water as a manta ray or a dolphin makes it possible to look around and watch the marine life. A lot of fun for a relatively low price!


Flyboard is a quite recent invention as well. It is a board connected to a PWC turbine allowing the user to rise into the air, dive and jump out of the water and perform various figures. Flyboarding definitely requires some skills to experience it in full.

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