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4 New Year’s Resolutions for Travel Buffs

It’s a New Year and a fresh start – so what would you like to change in 2017? Many people choose resolutions based on their health which include lifestyle changes such as diets or giving up unhealthy habits. However we think that’s pretty boring and would rather focus our goals on travelling! If you’re an avid traveller and always dreaming of your next getaway, then we’ve rounded up some New Year resolutions which will be more appealing.

  1. Be a super saver

Jetting off multiple times a year is expensive, and unless you want to start cutting back on holidays then you’ll have to be careful with money. Keep your sights set on your next travel plans to make sure you don’t splurge. Just cutting back on a couple of drinks on your nights out could add up to a hefty sum over a year. Also shop around for travel deals, and make sure you’re always earning air miles which could result in free flights.

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  1. Plan a solo trip

A resolution should be a challenge, and for many people travelling alone is challenging. While it may seem daunting, a solo trip is a completely different experience to any other, and you never know who you might meet. Be brave and find yourself!

  1. Try something new

Wherever you are going, try and make sure you sign up for a new activity or have a go at something you thought you’d never try. Push yourself because you never know until you try. Whether you strap on some skis and finally learn how to ski down the Alps, or simply sample the local cuisine which doesn’t look too appealing – at least you can say you’ve tried. If you’re on a boat you can try out a new water toy for a different underwater experience, or force yourself to climb a super high attraction such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Travel is all about new experiences so make sure you’re forcing yourself into as many as possible.

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  1. Be environmentally conscious

Being an eco-traveller shouldn’t be a fad – you should aim to continue to reduce your carbon footprint for the long term. If you love travelling and exploring the planet, then you simply have to protect it too. Simple things like buying local, recycling on the go and not getting your towels washed every day in your hotel can make a difference. Also make sure you do some research and always book with a responsible transport company with green credentials, and stay at an eco-resort if possible.

Happy travelling!

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